Saturday, February 27, 2010

Did I mention I have a 2 year old and a 5 year old?

I know I haven't updated my blog in....forever. And, I can't really make any promises on the future. My life is not my own, at least not for a while. But, I can share with you two things:

1. My daughter Ainslie turned 2 in October and I didn't even share it on my blog. Mainly because I spend most of my time chasing her and yelling at her. But, I do love her. She is a silly little girl who loves to make us all CRAZY! She loves singing "Hot dog, hot dog, hot diggety dog!" from Mickey Mouse playhouse and still crawls into our bed at least 3 times a night. She's also extremely athletic and asks to watch basketball games on T.V! This past Christmas she made a "poopie" on her Aunt Stephanie and Uncle Trent's carpet in the brand new house and just recently, she decided to create a beautiful mural of diaper rash cream on the newly painted wall under my bar in the living room. But, in her defense, when I took her to Ella's friend's house down the street to play on the trampoline with other kids, she was very well behaved. In fact her little friend Grace nicknamed her "Sweetie." (Actually, I think she called her Sweetie because she couldn't say Ainslie..... ) I guess most of the time is a toss up with her. Whatever she makes her mind up to do for the day!

2. Ella just turned 5 this past week! My big girl is a wonderful big sister. She loves Ainslie and Finn and really helps her Daddy and I take care of the both of them. She's taking dance once a week with Mrs. Kowalik and really loves learning new things in Mrs. Petty's class at First Baptist Academy in Conroe. She loves school! I couldn't be prouder of the little girl she is becoming. She has recently started asking Brian and I about heaven and asking how she'll be able to recognize us when she gets there. Such big questions for a little girl! After a dental lesson this week at school she came home on Friday with her first wiggly tooth. It makes me tear up, I can't believe my little baby is old enough to LOSE A TOOTH! I asked her how much she thought the tooth fairy would give for a tooth and she said, "I don't know? $100?" Yikes! Let's hope not!


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