Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Our family on Brian's side of the family has gotten, well, HUGE! :) There are 10 cousins in our family, and one more coming soon, hopefully by the end of the year. With all these wonderful blessings, it makes it kind of hard for us to get together (and keep our sanity) under one roof! But, fortunately my gracious SIL, Stephanie and her hubby Trent offered up their nice, large home for a FAMILY GET TOGETHER. We decided on a theme of Angry Birds. Our dedication and implemation of this theme would put anybody else's to shame.

I'm talking my-BIL-wearing-a-HUGE-Angry-Birds-costume-for-our-children's-enjoyment kind of shame!

In addition to all the family fun, we took time to celebrate Mr. and Mrs. Moran's 40th wedding anniversary. Wow! Amazing to see what their family has created! :) All these beautiful children!

Donovan and Finnian 
Ainslie and Ella

Cummins Girls! - (not in alphabetical order!)

The lone Cummins boy! - "C" :)

 The Bean!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Pepaw and his Tractor

When I was little, I loved riding with my Pepaw on his tractor in Brandon, Mississippi. It was one of the highlights of my time there with my great-grandparents. I wish I had a picture of me riding on the tractor out in the back of his property. My Pewpaw is my Mimi's (grandmother) Daddy. And my own Dad loved his Pepaw so much, that when he became a grandfather when Ella was born, he wanted to be called "Pepaw" too.

And fortunately, this Pepaw also has a tractor of his own. ;)

Mimi and Donovan

It's moments like these that I love to take pictures. Sometimes you just know when a picture is going to come out great, because the moment itself is just that special. This is my Mimi holding my baby Donovan at about 6 weeks old. It was taken on Memorial Day weekend.

Sunday, June 10, 2012


Mod Podge does indeed rock! I have used it for so many fun things in my personal life and in my classroom. And if you ask my friend Rose Anna, I like the smell a little too much. ;) The Country Chic Cottage is hosting a awesome MOD PODGE ROCKS GIVE-AWAY. The give-away has a bag full of mod podge goodies, and also includes the new MOD PODGE ROCKS book with projects and instructions on how to use this amazing stuff! Go sign up to win!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Happy 2 month birthday, Donovan Sawyer!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Donovan Sawyer

I am now a mother of 4 children. It's still kind of hard for me to believe. I feel so incredibly and underservingly blessed.

Donovan Sawyer Moran came out into the world on April 5 at 6:49 pm. He was 8 lb., 13 oz. (my biggest baby!) and 19.5 inches long. And just like his brother, he came earlier than!

 I had always wondered as a teacher if I'd ever leave the school and go straight to the hospital, like my 5th grade math teacher, Mrs. Lopez did, and on Maundy Thursday, I did. :) My assistant principal drove me to the hospital.
The night Donovan was born, I walked myself into the operating room for a 4th time. I took my place on the table and waited for my spinal. Its amazing how something so scary can be so familiar that it isn't really scary anymore, just surreal. The surgeons had a radio in the OR and the song that played as Donovan was born was "I Dare You to Move" by Switchfoot.  The first chorus says,

"Welcome to the planet
Welcome to existence
Every one's here
Every one's here
Every body's watching you now
Everybody waits for you now
What happens next?
What happens next?"
Shortly after the song started and these words were sung, Donovan was pulled out and up over my body and I did what I've done with each of my babies. I waited for crying. Those few seconds between being born and crying feel like years to me.

I spent the last part of my pregnancy with Donovan waiting for some sort of bombshell. Some sort of bad event, or horrible news concerning his health to drop out of the sky and fall on my head. How is it I can have 4 healthy babies when so many around me suffer loss or struggle so hard to be a parent in the first place? I wrestled with these worries and as different scenarios would play through my mind, each time I was reminded by God that it doesn't matter and HE in control.

And Donovan took his first breath and cried in that OR. And he still cries now and then. :)

The kids are doing really well with the new baby. They just love to kiss on him and talk to him. I am not getting much sleep these days, but I'll be honest, I haven't gotten much sleep since 2005, and I don't see that changing anytime soon.

See? Incredibly blessed!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The secret ingredient in mud pies

These pictures weren't taken in our backyard. Well, kind of. These were taken at the house we own in downtown Conroe, but we rent it out. We are in between renters right now and Brian has been working on the house, so we went over to see him on Sunday afternoon and played in the backyard for awhile. And, I must admit, while the house is too small for our family, the backyard is great! Especially for mud pies. As I sat out on the back pergola in the gorgeous weather I watched them dig with sticks in the mud. I got lost in fuzzy memories of my own childhood, digging in the muddy ditch across the street from my Big Momma's house with my cousins. Packing dirt into pie tins and pretending to eat it, squealing in half disgust, half delight.

And, as if Ella could see right through me, she looked up through her little, smudged purple glasses and said, "Momma, do you know the secret ingredient in mud pies?" As I snapped back to reality, I looked down and admitted sadly, "No. I guess I don't."
"You don't remember? It's rocks. They make the pies crunchy. You probably don't remember because you are a grown up now."
I laughed when she said it, but part of me was a little sad. I am still in shock how quickly time has passed since I knew the secret ingredient in mud pies. Before I know it, my babies will past the mud-pie-making phase of their life. But for now, I'll try to appreciate the moment and be thankful for all these sweet memories.


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