Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The secret ingredient in mud pies

These pictures weren't taken in our backyard. Well, kind of. These were taken at the house we own in downtown Conroe, but we rent it out. We are in between renters right now and Brian has been working on the house, so we went over to see him on Sunday afternoon and played in the backyard for awhile. And, I must admit, while the house is too small for our family, the backyard is great! Especially for mud pies. As I sat out on the back pergola in the gorgeous weather I watched them dig with sticks in the mud. I got lost in fuzzy memories of my own childhood, digging in the muddy ditch across the street from my Big Momma's house with my cousins. Packing dirt into pie tins and pretending to eat it, squealing in half disgust, half delight.

And, as if Ella could see right through me, she looked up through her little, smudged purple glasses and said, "Momma, do you know the secret ingredient in mud pies?" As I snapped back to reality, I looked down and admitted sadly, "No. I guess I don't."
"You don't remember? It's rocks. They make the pies crunchy. You probably don't remember because you are a grown up now."
I laughed when she said it, but part of me was a little sad. I am still in shock how quickly time has passed since I knew the secret ingredient in mud pies. Before I know it, my babies will past the mud-pie-making phase of their life. But for now, I'll try to appreciate the moment and be thankful for all these sweet memories.



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