Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Our family on Brian's side of the family has gotten, well, HUGE! :) There are 10 cousins in our family, and one more coming soon, hopefully by the end of the year. With all these wonderful blessings, it makes it kind of hard for us to get together (and keep our sanity) under one roof! But, fortunately my gracious SIL, Stephanie and her hubby Trent offered up their nice, large home for a FAMILY GET TOGETHER. We decided on a theme of Angry Birds. Our dedication and implemation of this theme would put anybody else's to shame.

I'm talking my-BIL-wearing-a-HUGE-Angry-Birds-costume-for-our-children's-enjoyment kind of shame!

In addition to all the family fun, we took time to celebrate Mr. and Mrs. Moran's 40th wedding anniversary. Wow! Amazing to see what their family has created! :) All these beautiful children!

Donovan and Finnian 
Ainslie and Ella

Cummins Girls! - (not in alphabetical order!)

The lone Cummins boy! - "C" :)

 The Bean!



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