Monday, January 26, 2009

Pickin' Up Chicks, Man.

Apparently, having two older sisters is really paying off for Finn in the romance department. Ella has already hooked him up with his first girlfriend. Guess we know who'll have a date come Valentine's day.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


So, I guess most of you have noticed that I haven't updated my blog in almost a month. Well, I have been spent most of my free time sleeping or nursing Finn. (The boy enjoys his meals!)

A lot of wonderful times have been spent with my growing family. The girls are getting along great with Finn. I am surprised that even Ainslie has shown a lot of interest in him. She wants to pet his head and starts off sweetly rubbing his hair, but we have to watch her as she gets a little excited and starts getting rough. (I hear the "I want to pet him, and love him, and squeeze him and call him George" monologue running through my head when I watch her interact with him.)

Speaking of the "good girl."
Ain's vocabulary is taking off in leaps and bounds. It seems that since her tubes were put in her ears, she has a whole new world of words falling out of her mouth. Some of her favorites: UH-OH, NO! and GOOD GIRL!" I think "good girl" is her favorite as it is a generic response for almost every activity. Eat a banana, GOOD GIRL! Take your medicine, GOOD GIRL! Brush your teeth, GOOD GIRL! Rip off your pee-soaked diaper and run to the play room while ripping at it with your teeth, GOOD GIRL! Fall on your brothers head while dancing to YO GABBA GABBA! GOOD GIRL! OK, enough, you get the picture.

Ainslie also has habit of rubbing her nose when she is tired. Generally, she rubs it with her blankie as she falls asleep. One day, I was doing what I generally do since December 20 -- nursing Finn -- when a cranky and tired GOOD GIRL tried to climb up me, wanting to be rocked to sleep. I happened to be eating a piece of chocolate, so I gave her a little part of it to maybe keep her quiet until I could finish nursing. She took off with it to the play room (much like the Phantom runs back under the opera house after attacks, sans cape and mask and sometimes diaper) when she came back, she had chocolate all over her nose and her binky. Apparently it IS a comfort food.
Ella Grace Moran is an amazing little girl.
She is such a good big sister. She is constantly running me little errands to get "Ainslie" or "Finn" diapers. She calms Ainslie when I am dealing with Finn issues, and she is just really starting to come into her own. Both the girls have been sleeping in their very own beds in their pretty pink room, and have been doing such a good job going to bed at night. A lot of this I credit to Ella, who has done such a good job of helping take care of her sister. I can't believe my "baby" is going to be 4 next month! Below is a picture of a rocket she drew. Enjoy!

More sooner or later!


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