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Homey-Blog Post.

Thanks to suggestions by many friends and relatives, I have been casually surfing "home-y" blogs this summer. A lot of very talented, creative people blog about stuff they make: cooking, crafts, jewelry, Bento lunches, etc. In fact, my dear sister has a wonderful blog where she posts healthy recipes that she tries out. Please do go check it out!

In tribute of the wonderful world of what I affectionately refer to as "home-y" blogs, I thought I'd add a "home-y" post of my own. But, I have to feature my children, of course. (Come on, I've got the word "Mommy" in the title of my blog.) Armed with an Internet recipe, HOT kitchen, 3 wild children, and a nice, new camera, I created these lil' babies.:

I wanted to make these in miniature so I could freeze and save them for the kids lunches this fall. The muffin idea came from a Bento Lunch part of a blog that I really like! The author of this blog has great ideas on creating kids lunches Bento-style, but "Americanized."

As you can see it's a vicious cycle, I wanna make Bento lunches, which lead me to muffin recipes, which leads me to blogging all about it here. I'm a tech-savvy chick, no? My personal touch to the wholesome baking experience would be to tell you what it was like trying to to bake with my 3 kids running around. Finn and Ainslie were pretty fixated on the window as they watched the muffins rise. The tops must be the most exciting, because after my last muffin-baking session, Ainslie would sneak in the basket, eat the tops off of them and return the bottom for me to eat later. How nice of her, huh? Ella wasn't much interested before or after the baking. Personally, I think the muffins turned out great. They were especially a big hit with Finny. Ella said she didn't like them and added "Maybe I don't like ANY kind of muffin, Mom." This is the second recipe I've tried to get her to like with no success. Ainslie was too upset because I made her half one with her brother, which sent her into a raging fit. I'm sure I'll be able to tell if she likes them later, by the tale-tell signs of eaten muffin tops in the basket. On second thought, I think I'll go freeze those bad boys right now!

Please let me know if you try the recipe listed above, you have ever packed a Bento lunch, or if you have any healthy muffin recipes my kids would like!


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