Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Juggling Act

My first official juggling act as a MOTHER OF TWO was a disaster.
Ella came down with some sort of bug yesterday.

I was doing great -- decided to take the girls to Walmart and buy my FANTASTIC ELDEST some make up to wear for Halloween. Don't get appalled -- I know she's two, it was just glitter lipgloss and glitter to wear with her fairy costume. (Pics posted soon.)

I felt such ambition to go it alone because: 1.) I had no choice -- my husband is out every night of the week until 8 or 9 and 2.) I was on a natural high from the fact that my FANTASTIC ELDEST took her flu shot like a champ earlier that morning and even THANKED the nurses after they were done. She left my Dr.'s crew totally baffled as she walked out the door with lolipop and bubbles in hand.

The fact that I got out the door fully dressed with both children happy and quiet should have been enough to make me feel acomplished. Not to mention that I got out of the car and through the parking lot without loss of limb or abduction. Even the whole Walmart experience was smooth and I got through the check out fairly quickly. THAT should have been the sign that my luck was about to run out.

I was going to meet my parents at IHOP and as I put the girls back in the car, I realized that Ella felt warm and probably had a fever. I should have just gone home- but apparently, I am stupid. I drove to the IHOP parking lot and got Ella out, only to be thrown up on. :)

My poor FANTASTIC ELDEST was going down hill fast and the only thing I could rest assure in was the fact that my SLEEPY YOUNGEST was OUT like a light as I was frantically trying to clean off half-digested Mac n Cheese from mine and Ella's clothes. (Why is it ALWAYS the mac n cheese!?)

Thank goodness Brian decided to call it a night earlier than normal and came home to help out. I am not short of post natal hormones right now, and just the thought of my baby girl being sick, seeing her suffer was more than I could handle at the time.

At least she's better and can semi-enjoy her Halloween this year. Let's just PRAY that baby Ainslie doesn't get sick. I don't think I could handle that. I would surely fall apart.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Snack, Anyone?

In keeping with my "food" themed blogs, I thought I'd share a fun experience that I had today.

Ainslie lost her umbilical cord today! Yeah! She is apparently advanced in this because Ella didn't lose hers for almost 2 weeks! Believe me when I say that umbilical cords are somewhat gross. As far as a wonderful tool for giving nutrition and life to an unborn baby they are great -- and their blood has amazing restorative powers. However, that lil' blue stump is a little gross to look at when you have to change diapers every 10 minutes.

Anyhoo -- I was on the phone while changing her diaper, so I stuck it in a wipee on the arm of the chair. I got off the phone and picked Ainslie up to find her a new onesie and when I returned to the living room, Argie was chewing on something.

Yes, the umbilical cord. EEEEeeew!
Anyone hungry after that one?

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Beverage, anyone?

My eldest is smart. She already understands that when I am nursing, it means Ainslie is "drinking" milk. This morning she came up to me in my chair as I was feeding Ainslie and asked,
"Mommy, can I have a drink?"

Surely she means in her sippie cup, I thought to myself? But, I couldn't help but ask,

"You mean from Mommy?"

"Yes!" She said excitedly with a big smile.

"No, thanks." I replied.

"Why?" she said with a sad little look on her face.

"Because, as much as I love you Ella, you have teeth."

She laughs -- is it because she knows that's funny? :)

Monday, October 15, 2007

To my first born:

Ella Grace,

I have had lots of thoughts on becoming a mother of two. It's a simple position that many find themselves in. I will share the title with gazillions of mothers through time, but I can't help but wonder how my heart will change.

I can't imagine what love will be like after tommorow. I can't imagine my heart any bigger -- but I'm told that's what happens. I can't imagine loving another human as much as I love you, but I hear it's gonna happen.

Just know that you were my absolute FIRST true love. You taught be about what unconditional love truly is. I THOUGHT I understood a mother's love before you, but I was clueless. You hold a spot in my heart that no other man, woman or child can replace. You, in your tiny, newborn body, with no knowledge or speech -- taught me, just by being alive in the world, and needing me.

I know there will times when you are upset with me, or don't understand the decisions I make. Just know that I am doing the best I can, and I do it all out of love for you.

I have often heard the argument about people who feel that they couldn't bring a child into a "world like this." But, who is to say that you won't be the one person who makes a difference in the world? I have every confidence that you can do this, because you have already made such an amazing impact in my world in the short 2 1/2 years that you've been in my life.

Thank you for being such a good girl. I know you are going to be an amazing big sister.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Pumpkin's Last "In Utero Photoshoot"

I went to the Dr. this past Tuesday, and although it was somewhat late for an ultrasound, we did one anyway. Somehow, I had missed the 31 week 4d ultrasound. So, she did a 37 week ultrasound. Pumpkin looks a little "squished" because she doesn't have that much room anymore and I have ALOT LESS amniotic fluid this time than with Ella. Ella was literally, SWIMMING around in my tummy. No wonder she likes the pool so much.
Despite my best efforts at non-verbal communtication with my unborn daughter, it seems like this baby is going to look like Brian too. :) I would just like to have ONE that looks like me. :)
Anyhoo, stay tuned -- in 4 more days, you'll see the real deal!

4D 3/4 View -- Poor Squishy!

4D with Fist at (your) left

Facing forward

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