Thursday, September 27, 2007

Surprise Fire Drill

Sometimes, when something surreal happens in my everyday life, I find myself saying "this is SO going in my blog!" Today, I had one of those experiences.

During our last class of the day (Kindergarten) we were surprised when the fire alarm went off.
No biggie, right? WRONG!

Imagine 4 classes of brand-spankin'-new-kinders who DON'T HAVE A CLUE why there are flashing lights and loud noises going off in the gym. Add to this fact that half of them DO NOT speak English -- then let the craziness ensue.

After a mad dash outdoors and several tired, crying and confused kindergartners have been evacuated into the back field of the school -- we wait. I am thinking this is a HORRIBLE time for a fire drill. But, it wasn't a fire drill. A smoke detector went off, so we wait for the fire department to give the all-clear. The all-clear didn't come for about 15 minutes, and not until after a thunderstorm began pouring down on all of us.

Lovely, no?

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Today I Got The Pink Slip

No, not the one you are thinking.

The pink "slip" of material that the nurse gives you after taking your weight and blood pressure, and before the Dr. comes in. If you are female and over the age of 18, you know what I am talking about.

The pink slip is the unspoken request for you to strip from the waist down, cause you are about to be violated.

Well, until today. I went for my 36-week visit, and after chit chatting with the nurse -- I had expected, and got, the pink slip. Guh. I know -- there are less than 3 weeks until my baby comes, but I am not (nor should anyone be) ready to be examined in my pelvic region. Regardless, a gal's gotta do what a gal's gotta do. So, I stripped and sat with that stupid-answer to-all-women's-modesty drapped across my legs and tucked under on the sides.

The beauty of TODAY's visit is that the nurse-practitioner came in and asked me if I wanted the exam.

HA HA HA! Do I want a pelvic exam?!

"Well," she said " if you haven't had any contractions, and since you are having a C-Section, I don't really see the need for one." (And no need for that lovely Strep Test that comes at this time, either.) If you don't know about that, I won't ruin the surprise for you -- just another one of those fun things that prepares you for all the uncomfortable, uncontrollable moments of motherhood to come. :)

So, today was a lovely end to my 2 weeks visits, and the beginning of my never-ending appreciation for Sue Cote', my nurse practitioner.

On to my 1 week visits.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Oh What a Beautiful Morning...

Maybe this is just my ARTSY FARTSY side talking -- but I have always sworn that I can tell it's fall even when it's NOT cool outside. It has to do with the way the sun shines. There is a visual "warming" in the rays of the sun. It's amazing. I saw it for the first time today as I opened my blinds in my living room.

And it was raining leaves! There was a breeze outside and leaves are in a constant state of "rain." AMAZING!

My husband was leaving for work and kissed Ella and I goodbye. As he was about to walk about the door, Ella said "Daddy, HUG!" So, he laughed, turned around and gave her another hug. She pointed to me and said, "Give Mommy Hug." So, he did. As he walked out he said, "Love you girls." Ella said, "Love you, Daddy." Brian walked out the door and she turned to me and said, "Love you too, Mommy."

Now I am watching her practicing her arabesques with the blue-footed booby bird on "Little Einsteins," dressed in nothing but a pull up. :)

This is the good life.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

When does happiness HAVE to cost money?

While waiting in the grocery store check out line, I read this headline on a popular magazine.

"20 ways to make someone happy for $20.00 or less."

What is wrong with the world?! I mean, I am the first to admit that I find great satisfaction in a new tube of lipgloss or something shiny from a store. But, when I think back about the happiest moments in my 29 years of life, the happiest moments don't cost a thing.

Ok - except for the day I got married. And, the day that Ella was born.
Yeah, I'm sorry. I guess happiness does cost money.
And now that I think about it, I could have had a simple wedding with no frills, and we could have had dinner on the grounds like church at my reception. Brian and I could have danced our first dance together as the wedding party sang "Close To You." I could have thrown those weeds that make the puffy ball things you blow and make wishes on as my bouquet. I would have been just as happy and just as married. (Sorry, Parents, that it took me nearly 6 years of marriage and thousands of dollars later to discover this out.)
Somehow I don't think that squatting in the woods with no pain killers would have made me just as happy on the day Ella was born -- but I digress.
In the end, I'd choose many happy moments spent with my family and friends rather than "$20.00 happiness." Times where we laugh our heads off about silly things. Those times mean more to me than any amount of money (or painkillers.)

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Phone Savvy?

Last night, I decided to jump in the shower and let Ella watch TV on my bed. Usually, she takes one with me, but as I was washing my hair, she brought me the phone. I saw that I had a missed call from Brian, so I called him back.

This morning, however, Rose informed me that she called me last night. Ella answered the phone. She asked her where I was. Ella told her I was pooping then said, "Bye," and hung up the phone.

Apparently, I need to take the phone with me everytime I go shower.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

The Five Senses

Today, while reading a magazine, Sheila said she read something interesting:

For good mental health, its important to find something enjoyable to all 5 senses and take time to stop and enjoy them and recognize them. Find something that smells good and really take time and enjoy it, and so on with all the senses. I thought about this alot after Ella and I made a mad-dash for the car from the grocery store while it was pouring down rain.

Here are my favorite enjoyed "sense" moments:

1. Sight - One of my favorite sights is to watch Ella sleeping. She is so peaceful and snuggly in her bed. It makes everything seem ok and right with the world.

2. Sound - I heard Ella giggling and laughing as we ran to the car through the rain, and everyone else sat under the awning waiting for the rain to settle down. I didn't want to wait and I thought Ella should know what it's like to run through the rain at some point -- so we did. I am so glad we did too. Hearing her laugh and giggle and being with her during her first "run through the rain" was something I'll never forget.

3. Touch - I love when Ella puts both of her hands on my cheeks, looks me straight in the eye and tells me, "You're Beautiful, Mommy." It took me 29 years to actual believe that when someone told me. And she just sits there and rubs my cheeks with her hands.

4. Smell - I love the smell of Ella when we just get out of the shower and I put lotion on her. She is a big girl, but just for a while, she smells like my babygirl.

5. Taste - Ella loves yogurt. I love to kiss on her after she eats strawberry yogurt. She's so sweet.

It's almost like I didn't live before 2 1/2 years ago. Not with all my senses anyway.

Monday, September 3, 2007

On 'Roids! Grr...

I am a healthy chick, always have been. never have allergies, EVER! Except when I am pregnant. I have been enduring this with few issues until Saturday when my throat got itchy and I started sneezing more often. So, it progresses into Sunday and by this point I am misreable. I can't breathe, My head feels like its in a vice, my throat is killing me -- the sneezing won't stop. At this point I am SO SURE I have a sinus infection.

I called the Dr. at 9:30 this morning and was signing my name on the log sheet in the waiting room by 10:00. I was desperate. After a lovely gag-fest of a strep test its --- ALLERGIES, but, worse than before. My sherlock holmes, standby of a doc thinks its due to the ragweed.

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So, now I am on the 'roids, people: FLONASE.
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Hopefully this will help. But, I think with the juicing and the hormonal pregnancy stuff going on, I am sure to be suffering from road rage. Or, should I say, someone will be suffering from MY roadrage. ha ha ha... juicing.

Saturday, September 1, 2007

October 16th

October 16th, 2007.
That is the day that my Dr. and I scheduled for my 2nd born's birthday. Amazing that you can pull out your calendar and have your swanky Doc pull out her BLACKBERRY and PLAN your own child's birthday.

But, don't think me a fool. I have never been one (especially since having my first child) to believe that "all goes according to plan." If having a child has taught me anything it is that the more control you try to achieve, the less you realize you have. I have especially learned this about toddler bowel movements.

Someone asked me if I was worried I would go into labor early. And in fact, I hadn't thought about that. Ella never dropped, I never dialated and I never felt labor pain with my first pregnancy. My fear is that I'll go into labor and not realize it or act too late and my "Planned C-Section" will turn into a "Emergency C-Section." I don't like putting the word "emergency" in front of anything that involves kids. Especially my kids.

Please pray that this does not happen.

And pray for my husband to find a NICE name that we all -- most importantly-- Baby Pumpkin can live with. :)


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