Monday, September 7, 2009

Ella's first day of Pre K

Ella went to her first day of Pre K at First Baptist Academy in Conroe last week! I think it went very well. She didn't cry at all and I cried just a little....

She talked about music class a lot after the first day. In fact, I think music was one of the highlights of her week. She came home excited to sing a "brand new song,"and after going through verses with "you put your right arm in," etc., she said with amazement, "Now, here's the crazy part, you can put your WHOLE HEAD in!" :) She also seemed to really like her dance class on Thursday.

It's kinda funny when you don't have an adult to translate the highlights of your child's day when you are away from them. The major details of Ella's day come straight from her mouth and they can be vague. Wednesday she came home saying she "HATED BIG BLUE." From what I can gather, Big Blue is a time out chair. She said she didn't sit in Big Blue, but she doesn't like him anyway. Thursday after dance, she kept asking me what I wanted on my pizza.... hmmm... But, whatever she is doing, they are certainly keeping her busy! She is wiped out EVERYDAY when she gets home. Friday, she fell asleep at McKenzie's while we were eating dinner. She was out at 6:15 and didn't wake up until 8:30 the next morning!
I can't believe my baby is old in enough for school!

Ella in front of our house before we leave to go to school.
Ella says, "I want to do a smile like my cousin, the Bean." :)
Ella in her chair in Mrs. Petty's room.


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