Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Return of the 'Do Rag!

Some of you may remember a post a little over a year ago with pictures of the girls in this Spongebob 'do rag. Well, in keeping with the tradition, I have taken Finny's picture with the same 'do rag. Notice, I have applied it in a more masculine manner! :)
Finnian Patrick Moran
6 months old
Ainslie Hope Moran
6 months old

Ella Grace Moran
Around 5 months old

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Saturday, June 20, 2009


Hello All! Hope this post finds you happy, enjoying the thrills and excitement that only summer can bring! The Morans have had their share of thrills already this summer. We took a long....8 minute trip down to The Woodlands Mall this week and made an impromptu trip to the Disney Store. Brian and I joked about how this will have to do in place of a REAL Disney Vacation, but the kids aren't quite old enough to know the difference and the girls left with prizes. We left $30 lighter and no child the wiser. I did get some pictures, unfortunately, they are pretty much just Ella, as Ainslie was uncooperative....maybe we'll make another visit before the summer is over. Hopefully we'll be able to go to the REAL DISNEY WORLD in our near future, until then there's nothing wrong with a little frugal STAYCATION!

Ella and Minnie!
Ella in the dressing room!
Daddy and the girls on the carousel!

Girls with their souvenir cups!

Finny boy, happy no matter where!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Ella's Finny voice

When Ella talks to Finn, this is the voice she uses...her eyes bug out, her chin juts forward and she lowers her voice. It's so funny, I had to document it.

Friday, June 12, 2009

All by myself...with three kids!

Brian left yesterday morning to go to a conference in Austin. So, I have pretty much been alone with the kiddos except for when Grammie made a visit yesterday afternoon. We spent all day home yesterday and so now I think the kids are a bit stir-crazy. The girls got to sleep with me in Mommy and Daddy's bed last night, which made them VERY happy. Especially Ainslie. She woke up smiling this morning. The first thing said after she woke up was "I love you." Happy Baby!

I think we'll head out to Wally world today for some Father's Day shopping....

Monday, June 8, 2009

The return of the blog....

Yes, I know. It's been forever. I am truly sorry and my only excuse is that I have 3 children and hold down a full-time job...where I care for.... more children. But, I am on hiatus now and hope to bring my blog up to date.

I found my solace tonight. My hiding place, my rock. But it isn't under the wings of Eagles or the house that was built on the rock. No, my refuge is my bathtub.
I don't douse myself in rich perfumes or expensive bath oils. In fact, what I use for bubbles doesn't even say "Bath & Body." Its says "Johnson & Johnson." The bubbles that fill my tub don't claim to sweep you off to an exotic tropical isle with the scent of blossoming plumeria or rich, sensuous musk. In fact, the only thing my bubbles can tout is that they are "tear free."

OK, so I am using baby shampoo for my "spa time," but, I can't be choosy about my small moment of luxury. I am "Mom," and right now, my time is not my own. (At least not before 10 pm.) So, I'll savor this little moment in my fortress of solitude before the next round of feeding, burping, changing, cleaning, playing, tickling, laughing and (most definitely) loving begins.


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