Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Funny Lil' Quirks.

I have this great new magazine I have subscribed to called WONDERTIME. I love the writing in it. I have a new goal of writing a story and having it published in the magazine. They are great stories about children. Some are very touching and insightful, like the story about a girl who was profoundly deaf and was given a cochlear implant when she was 1. Her mom tells the story of what it was like the first time her daughter heard and recognized her own name.

One of the recent articles is about funny little quirks that children have. One quirk a little girl had was adopting a wooden rolling pin she named Balki, with whom she slept every night. Another was about a boy who couldn't eat unless his shoes were off. If you ask me, these are some of the best things about being a mother, the funny little quirky things your kids do and say.

Ainslie's latest quirky habit is that when I rock her to sleep she immediately reaches up, grabs my lower lip and continues to squeeze it, with her fingers wrapped around the inside of my lip, until she falls asleep. I thought the first two times were coincidence, but she continues to do it.

I also heard her say, "momma" the other day when she was upset, but I thought it was a fluke. My babysitter called me today to tell me she heard her say "momma" while she was crying. So, while I hate she is crying when she says it, at least she is saying it! :)

Ella has quirks out the wazoo. She has to have things in threes: Balls, food, lipstick. She also insists on wearing certain clothes now -- mainly dresses. If she doesn't like her outfit, she likes to go through a laundry list of adjectives on why she can't wear it: "It's too fast, too slow, too green, too sticky, too crunchy, too noisy." It doesn't matter if the adjective isn't' appropriate. It only shows her utter disdain for the clothing her mother has put aside for her!

On a AWESOME NOTE: my daughter is now, fully potty trained, HALLELUJAH, AMEN! She even has slept the last two nights in real underwear and woke herself up at 3:00 morning because she had to tee tee! YAY! Diapers for one, people!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

The Beauty of Spring Break...

...is spending time with my lovely little girls. Aren't they cute?!

My little Ainslie is becoming quite the stinker! She is starting to LOVE her Johnny jumper and started crying every time she was left alone in the living room today. Ella never did that! Guess that is the difference between an only child and a second child. Ainslie also stopped nursing this week. She has officially decided that she is done with all that and wants nothing but the bottle. It kinda makes me a little sad, but I guess we did our best and made it 5 months. She also slept through the night for the first time on Friday night. :) I had to get up and nudge her to make sure she was still breathing. :) ha ha ha... She is also scooting herself all over her blankets on the floor. She'll be crawling before I know it. I guess my baby is starting to grow up!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

veinte hacia abajo

After battling birthday cakes and the temptation to eat Chicfila every waking moment, I'm finally 20 lbs down and 7 lbs away from pre-second-baby weight. Encouraging? Yes. Still alot more ahead of me? Oh, heck yes. It's all good, though I have the power of God and my sister's cooking to help me overcome. Yes, Lord, we shall overcome! :) ha ha hah ....

Spring Break -- here I come!

Friday, March 7, 2008

Being A Big Sister

Funny little Ella story...

The whole fam was driving through the Walgreens Pharmacy Pick up the other night. Ella was so excited because she was holding Ainslie's bottle as she drank! She was so excited to be a big sister. When we pulled up and Brian told the pharmacist that we were there to pick a prescription up for DUSTI MORAN, she asked, "You don't have a sister named KRISTEN MORAN do you?"

Ella replies from the back seat, "No, her name is AINSLIE."

Isn't that sweet?! She LOVES being a big sister!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Long time, no blog...

Seems like the more things happen in your life, the less time you have to blog, even when you love to write. So I have about two seconds to tell you what's up in my life.

Ella turned 3 and had a fun DORA/BUILD A BEAR birthday party. (Oh yeah, I still need to write thank-yous!) I think she, her cousins and friend from daycare had a lot of fun. But honestly I could have saved all that Bear money and bought $50 in tokens on the carousel and I think they would have had just as much fun.

"The Battle of the Poo" continues as Ella has successfully #2'd in the potty about 4 times, but still doesn't like it and has to be practically forced to sit on a toilet for nearly hourS at a time (that's right, more than 1 hour) before something "comes out."

Brian had a birthday 3 days after Ella's. He battled the stomach flu last week -- so we went out to Outback 1 day after where I ran into my old HS drama teacher who I haven't seen in about 10 years. Amazing! She was in town from Louisiana where she now lives and works as a Speech Pathologist, to critic Conroe HS one act play. The theatre director there now was the assistant back at "Dear Old Humble High School" back when I went there.

Ainslie is talking to anyone who'll listen -- even herself. I finally saw her roll over with my own two eyes and she enjoys laughing at everything Ella does. The only person who enjoys it more would be Ella, who loves the attention, or ME, who enjoys the downtime.

And lastly, for my random writing of the day -- Sheila and I went to Subway during our conference time. As we were leaving, we drove by a boy (who looked to young to NOT be in school) with a dog/pig nose. I don't know if he was born that way or had an accident, but it looked so bad -- sort of like Quasi Moto or something. He gave us a wierd look and then sharply turned the riding lawn mower he was driving away from us. He jumped up and starting "surfing" on the back of it. All Sheila and I could say to that was, "East County, Yall." Cause we work in East Montgomery County and nothing is out of the ordinary in East County. Once a guy was on the front page of the Conroe Courier for getting pulled over and slapped with a DUI while driving his riding lawn mower with a ice cooler full of beer tied to the back. Apparently, riding lawn mowers are central part of the East County lifestyle. But where I work and the people who live there are a whole other blog....


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