Friday, December 31, 2010

Finny's Stocking

Ooops. I was supposed to do this on his birthday, but I forgot.
Each year, I take a picture of Finny with his Christmas stocking on his birthday (12.20). This was a brilliant idea suggested by his Aunt KC. This year was particularly hard, as Finn is completely mobile with a mind of his own this year. Last year he could walk, but he was still a "Mommy-Pleaser" and would stay when I asked. This year he just rolled around and laughed alot. So, I'll post one from the first 2 years and then a couple from this years shoot. Enjoy!

These were taken in his diaper, in hopes that, next year he'll be wearing big boy underwear... here's hoping! :)

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Laura of Pitter Patter Art

Makes amazing things to help raise money for her family's adoption. I have purchased a few key fobs from her, which make great gifts and now she's making CAMERA STRAPS!

You can imagine my excitement!

She is celebrating the season by giving away items that she's made via her blog.
Click below to check her out!


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