Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Sprinkler Fun!

I don't know what is more exciting, being a kid and experiencing things for the first time, or knowing how amazing it is when you watch your kids do something for the first time. My mom made me think of this last night as we talked on the phone.

Brian and I bought Ella this little sprinkler toy for $10 at Wal-mart this past weekend. Yesterday I picked the girls up from daycare and brought them home. I put Ainslie in her exer-causer and stuck her on the porch and let Ella run through the sprinker, clothes and all. I think she had fun, don't you?!

Friday, April 25, 2008

Art Teacher for the afternoon...

Yesterday, Rose's son got sick at lunch, so she had to go home early. I got to teach 1st and kinder art! Yay! During 1st grade we painted, so wow, I jumped right back into art full force. Painting with elementary kids (or any kids for that matter) is "interesting." You have to be very organized and explain it JUST SO, and even when you do, you'll have one or two yayhoos walking out of the room with blue all over their hands. Overall, the kids did great! They followed directions and had a good time, I think. (and only 2 yayhoos walked out with blue and green hands.)

Kindergarten is my favorite! They are not afraid to do or TRY anything. We drew four pictures: princess, spider, monster truck or a heart, and well, some ended up drawing Spongebob. We had SO MUCH FUN!

Here was my favorite part of the day: I got to hear kindergartners talk about God.

"God looks like a ghost."


"I didn't say GOAT, I said, GHOST!"

"Oh yeah, he looks like a ghost man. My daddy says God was friends with the Devil and then God kicked the devil out of Heaven and then the Devil got his friends together and went down there and now all he wants to do is burn people up!"

"My Daddy spit in a cup once, and he heard God talk to him. God told him to stop smokin', so he did."

"You can't drink and smoke when you drive, cause if you do, you'll go 'down there' and the police man will pull you over and put hand cuffs on you and take you to jail. They took my uncle to jail cause he drank and smoked and drived."

We also spent a lot of time singing. They sang "Going to the Zoo" and "Hello, Hello" which also has a Spanish verse that sound more like "Hula, Hula" than "Hola, Hola." At the end of the day we took turns showing each other our artwork and clapping, cheering and saying "Bravo!" for each other. I think everyone should at least witness a kindergarten class for a day. It's good for the soul!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Compare and Contrast!

While cleaning out some old baby clothes, I ran across the infamous Spongebob doo-rag, and I just couldn't help myself. Aren't they cuties?
Ella Grace Moran
July 2003 (approx. 5 mo. old.)

Ainslie Hope Moran
April 2008 (6 mo. old)

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Ella's First Play

Ella and I went to her very first play in downtown Houston last night. It was Main Street Theatre's play adaption of the book "Goodnight Moon."

I was so excited to see this play advertised, as it is one of Ella's favorite books. I was even more excited to open her up the world of live theatre, one that I have loved so dearly for so long.

I almost got misty-eyed as we took our seats and I explained to my very own daughter what a playbill was. "This is your ticket for your seat, and here is your playbill." As I showed her the head shots of the actors, she looked with wonder at the stage and pointed out the moon. Then she looked down at her seat. "I can't sit here Momma, this chair is too brown." I told her that all the seats were brown, so this one would have to do. She asked to hold her "invitation" and I reminded her it was a ticket, not an invitation. When I was a young girl, and dreamed of having kids of my own, this was the kind of moment I dreamed about.

The play was great! It was intimate, so she could see everything really close up. There was music and dancing and they made the story line about a little bunny who kept trying to stay awake in the 'great green room.' Much like children do when doing everything to NOT go to bed. "I'm hungry, I'm sleepy, I'm not tired..." The stage was set just like the book. Ella had an amazing time. It was more fun watching her face light up during the show -- laughing and dancing in her seat, patting her lap for drum rolls with the rest of the audience. At intermission she didn't want to leave for a potty break. I had to drag her to the restroom. At the end of the show the actors came out and Ella got to meet the "bunny" and the "young mouse." But, as you can see, she doesn't look so happy. As we were leaving, she began INSISTING we go back and watch the bunnies. It took a lot of persuasion to get her to the car.

As we got buckled in, she realized she really was LEAVING the bunnies and she got mad. Probably the most mad I have ever seen her in her 3 years of life. She was crying and screaming, "I want to go see the bunnies!" I was laughing to myself at first. It was probably Karma paying me back for doing something similar to my Mimi when I was the same age. She took me to see "Annie" at the movie theatre, and I cried so much when it was over, she bought tickets again, and we sat through it a second time. I guess I should have thought about that, but the idea of taking her to a play was too tempting.

For the 45 minute ride home, Ella never stopped crying for the bunnies. It was more sad than funny when we got into Conroe and she was tearfully pleading for the bunny. I couldn't explain to her that we couldn't go back to the bunnies. "They are napping," I told her. But, that's what happens when you have a DVR and your child can watch DORA whenever she wants. She didn't understand that we couldn't just REWIND the play and watch it all over again.

In the end, I don't regret taking her. She loved it. I do regret not taking her earlier in the play's run so we could go see it again. Sadly, the show we went to was the very last show. So, now I am scoping out for more children's theatre. I might even have to make a comeback and get myself in a show, just so my kid can see some more theatre!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

3-year-old perspective

I forgot how funny 3 year olds are. I used to watch them at a daycare when I was just out of High School. They have the coolest way of looking at the world. Two of the cutest things Ella has said to me this week both happened in the car:

"Mommy, turn off the music, I want to sing." She is making up alot of her own music right now. Her favorite musical activity of late is singing numbers in scale patterns up and down.

When I asked her what she wanted to eat for dinner on the way home the other day she replied, "Penguins, magazines and flowers, please."

Love that girl. I am taking her to Main Street Theatre to see "Goodnight Moon." It will be her very first play and its just us two going. I am SO EXCITED, I can't wait to hear what she has to say about it.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

worn out before the end of the work week.

due to circumstances i can't control, I had 6 classes during each grade level time: yesterday and today. yesterday wasn't so bad -- sheila was present. today -- not so good -- sheila was gone. i did have a sub to help, but it's just not the same. imagine 90 five-year-olds all in one room at one time. its enough to have you on your knees in prayer. in fact, i was on my knees in my mind as i tried to make it through 1st and kinder this afternoon. i am so tired i don't have the energy to hit the caps button and now i get to go home and start my second job of the day.

when brian's masters is done, he better get me a pedicure or something, sheesh.

mom and floyd are leaving for greece today -- they'll be gone for 2 weeks. so, i am REALLY (felt it necessary to use caps just then to emphasize the point) going to be lonely. don't know why, but the idea of visiting target's dollar spot seems to sound comforting right now. cheap, and yet, i walk away with something. this could be the beginning of an illness.

last week, during my (what i have come to term) "weekly breakdown" brian was off of school for a principal's meeting, so surprised me at work with mcdonald's coffee (my fav) and little visit. it was truly thoughtful and romantic.

this weekend we were eating at the black-eyed pea and after a meal of having the waitstaff fawn over her, ella decided to dramatically tell our waitress that there were ghosts in the resturant and pointed a finger at her and said, "we need to get out of here, now." 6th sense? maybe. drama? for sure.

enough random thoughts for the day... i gotta get home.


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