Thursday, April 30, 2009

Ella has been diagnosed with Premature Andrenarche

Ella asked to have her picture taken with the cows in the TCH lobby. She loved the tutus!

Since this past summer Ella has been showing signs of puberty. Body odor, acne, mood swings and hair in places little girls shouldn't have at 3 1/2. At her 4 year check up (March) her Dr. referred her to a pediatric endocrinologist to screen her for Precocious Puberty . She decided Ella is displaying signs of Adrenal-related puberty. (Premature Andrenarche) Sometimes this is triggered by the adrenal glands too early for no reason at all, but sometimes its because of an adrenal gland disease. So she had blood work done and a bone scan to screen for that possibility. Her results will be back in about 2 weeks. If nothing progresses and she is healthy, she'll go back in 6 mo. for another check up. Ella did very well during her short time at Texas Children's. Brian and I decided that our family is very blessed to have relatively healthy children. We saw so many sick little ones, and heard of the 22 mo. old who had passed away there on Mon. from swine flu. Please pray for that family. You hear craziness all over the news and people joke about it, but it personalizes it when you meet nurses who are sad and heart broken about losing a patient.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Little Forever.

I told Brian the other night that I wish sometimes my babies could STAY babies forever. It's the hardest work in the world and I DO want them to grow up to be good adult human beings. But, as they grow each day, they grown more into themselves and more away from being needy of me. It makes me proud, but a little sad too. I just want those baby hands to hold onto mine forever. I want them to always look at me like I am the coolest, most amazing person in the world. And I know they won't because they'll grow up and discover the truth. It's selfish of me, but I can't help it.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Why is that when I feel bad about not recently discussing one of my children in my blog, they give me something to wrte about.

Ains is down bad. First it was pink eye at the end of last week. "You usually don't get pink eye unless you have some other infection in your body," says Miss Carey. It's almost as if she willed the impending infection into action like it was a challenge to the stupid virus. Sunday night came the trots, Monday night came the tossing. It's like this virus, or WHATEVER IT IS wants to take its time. Grrr... So, I am home today with her again and praying she recovers soon. Her poor little body is worn out and she is STILL not over the pink eye. Brian has to pin her down while I pry open her suprisingly strong eye lids to give her the medicine. I don't think she gets much in because by that point she is so angry, she has cried most of the medicine out. So, her eyes are still oozey and crusty and red. I feel so bad for her.

I took her to Walgreens to get some medicine and as we checked out, a guy behind me in line corrected his nearly-adult son for cussing in front of Ains. He was wearing a shiny, bright green Philadelphia Eagles jacket and huge glasses that made him look like he just stepped out of the early 80s, plus a large neck brace. It ooozed comic genious. Yes, he was classy... (I use the term "classy" because he seemed like the type of person that would use that word and he kinda reminded me a character from a mob movie, or Sopranos.) Despite his fashion choice and rough accent, it's nice to know there are decent people in the world.


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