Monday, November 12, 2007

Moments in Mommy land

(this was a post I started a while ago, but due to my time restraints I was unable to finish it on time. Here is the final product.)

My baby Ainslie was diagnosed with RSV (Or as I call it, THE REALLY STUPID VIRUS) Thursday night after a 7 and a half hour stint in the ER. She was admitted to the hospital at 3 am and was put under observation for 24 hours.

That was a horrible experience for me. Nothing to do but sit and wait to see if she got worse or stayed the same. Lucky for me -- she stayed the same and got to ride the rest of it out at home.
As blessed as I was -- getting to take my baby home after a 24 hour period, it made me wonder how people who have children with long-term or terminal illness do it. It's frightening to have your child put in a hospital bed, watching monitors, seeing her struggle through congestion that her little lungs aren't capable of handling. What about those with a more serious, long lasting disease?

I pray I never have to experience that.

In a discussion about "adulthood," I once told Brian that I first truly felt "adult" when I backed my car out of our garage of our home in The Woodlands and clicked the "clicky" to close it as I zoomed on my way to work.

What a false sense of "adulthood" that was. I will say that after being a Mommy for nearly three years, nothing made me feel more like an adult than sitting alone at 2 am in an ER room with my sick 3 week old. It was just she and I, and she was depending on me to stay awake and keep her comfortable as possible. It is in those times when your fears are not for yourself, but for your child. In those unselfish moments, I realize that is when I became an adult.

Not with my first paycheck, or car or graduating from college. But, in giving birth, changing diapers, cleaning up throw up and nursing at all odd hours of the night.

Sounds frightening doesn't it? But, I love being a Mommy.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Double Ear Infections -- Double Whammy!

Last week Ella was diagnosed with double ear infections. This was a result of a virus she picked up from daycare. I have been paranoid since that Ainslie would pick this up -- and apparently she picked something up, because she started sneezing night before last and had green gook coming out her nose!
Brian and I took her to the Dr. yesterday and can you believe it? DOUBLE EAR INFECTIONS! Now I have 2 bottles of the "pink stuff" in my fridge.
Poor Ainslie can't really take anything for her stuffiness and is really struggling to breathe. I just pray it doesn't go to her lungs, Dr. Broussard told me if it does, to take her to the ER. If she tests postive for RSV she'll have to be admitted. :(

Tough week!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Window of Mercy

Ella received a small "window of mercy" on Halloween night. She wasn't completely restored from her virus, but she was feeling good enough to trick or treat around Grammie and
Grumpie's neighborhood. My favorite moment from last night is when Ella, with pumpkin bucket in one hand and fairy wand in the other, approached her very first house. The people giving out candy asked her how old she was. So, she turned to me and said "here," while handing me her pumpkin bucket. Then said "here," again as she handed me her fairy wand. Then she proudly held up her "2" that she had been working so hard to perfect for the past couple of weeks. I am so proud of the fact that she never freezes when people ask her questions and she seems to always be friendly to everyone. (I wonder where she gets that from?!)
After her brief, but successful candy haul, we returned to Grammie's house where Ella was "MAGIC ELLA" and waved her fairy wand around in dramatic fashion until it was time to go home. Unfortunately for us, at 4 this morning she had a fever again. I called the Dr., went to Walgreens and got her some medicine and took her back to see the Dr. today. FOILED AGAIN! Double ear infections.

The good news is now we know what it is and we have medicine to make it better. We have been very blessed that Ainslie hasn't gotten sick and she seemed to really enjoy her first Halloween. Even though all she did was sleep on Aunt Mysti all night. :)


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